Practical stuff

Ørnsø Fiskesø is open from dawn (no earlier than 6.00 AM) until sunset. It is, however, closed from mid December till mid February.

PRICES Children u. 12 Adults
2 hours 60,- 100,- (DKK per rod)
3 hours 70,- 120,- (DKK per rod)
4 hours 80,- 140,- (DKK per rod)
6 hours 100,- 180,- (DKK per rod)
8 hours 120,- 220,- (DKK per rod)

Rules and regulations

  • Only pedestrian traffic is allowed.
  • Dogs must be on a leash.
  • Don't throw rocks or other stuff into the lake.
  • You stay at the lake at your own risk.
  • Be considerate to others.
  • Be good to nature - use the garbage bins.

Fishing rules

  • You may only fish from the edge of the lake.
  • You may only fish with the number of rods you have paid for.
  • Other rods must point away from the lake.
  • You may only catch one fish per rod per hour.
  • Carps must be released. They are a protected species.

Don't use

  • Pre-baiting
  • Maggots
  • Meal worms
  • Bait fish
  • Roe

  • Violation will get you evicted.

In the service building you'll find the ticket and exchange machines and the disability-friendly toilet. Should it start raining you may also find shelter here..

  • You'll find a price list next to the machine.
  • The machine only accepts coins.
  • If you don't have coins enough you can change notes.
  • You can change both Danish and Euro notes.